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What is this tool for?

This tool was created for Steam game developers who want to get reference from other games to create better Steam assets.

Viewing other games' assets is awkward through the store interface, but this tool lets you view them easily in one place.

Content creators may also find this tool useful for creating thumbnails and custom branded graphic elements.

Please make sure that you respect the relevant copyright and trademark laws.

How do I use it?

Simply find the Steam store page you want and copy the URL. Paste it into the box and press Submit.

How do I download the images?

Right-click and select "Save image as...", or the equivalent action in your browser of choice.

What's the best way to share assets?

You can share the assets with someone simply by sending them Steampoacher URL for that game.

This is often more convenient than saving the images and copying them around the place.

Can I have this as an app on my phone?

Of course! Steampoacher() works as a fully-fledged web app.

For example, on iPhone, click the Share button and then click "Add to Home Screen"

Why can't I see the Steam screenshots and trailers here?

Steam obfuscates the URLs for screenshots and trailers, so I can't recreate them easily without using a more sophisticated method.

This is likely done because these assets are sometimes behind age gates.

Please share steampoacher() with others! Send suggestions and feedback to @lasersink